AgentFile Accounts

All invoices and related correspondence are sent by email as from ‘AgentFile Accounts’. Licenses are for a full year

Licence invoices are sent out in July each year and dated 1 August, payment to be made by bank transfer only

The number of users licensed to access your system may be increased at any time and will be invoiced pro-rata for the number of days to next August. Reduction in user licences are arranged as from the 1 August

Paying by instalments. Simply divide the invoiced amount by 12 and pay us monthly by the 10th of the month.We'll send a receipt when the full year’s payment has been made. Usual charges apply for late payment. Our agreement with you means that you undertake to complete all payments required to cover the full annual licence

Invoices, charges and discounts

one invoice date for annual licence • automated system that keeps costs low • pay early, pay less

Invoices for training, support, customisations are sent out as soon as the work is done

Keeping us informed helps us to help you. To reduce the chance of an invoice not being received we ask that you give us two current email addresses – and tell us if and when they change

Terms are 21 days from invoice date

Late payment increases our workload and costs, so we follow the statutory procedure for charging a late fee. If you think you may have difficulty paying on time or have a query about the invoice, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll do our utmost to help

Early payment discount. Consistent early payment makes admin simpler, so we reward it. We tally the days between invoice date and your payment. An average of 10 days or less will reduce the full annual licence fee of £450 by £90 for each user. Pay early, pay less

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