The team

people who make agentfiling possible

AgentFile Ltd directors

Aaron Whitaker

Project management

David Banks

Strategic development


Sandie Bakker

AF training & agency assistance

Shephali Kala

AF training, accounting and consultancy

Technical associates

Eamonn Corbally | The Mac Guy

A complete apple mac solution

FileMaker Hosting UK

Fast, secure and affordable


Not your ordinary support company

Andy Gambino | MacAid

Mac support for London

Paul Tuckey | Metaclarity Ltd

IT solutions made simple

Ric Wadsworth | Snake Systems

Don’t panic! it’s nothing that can’t be fixed


Ever wanted your IT system to ‘just work’?

Sean Wightman | Freelance Mac Support

Anything anywhere – with a dog


Derek Bloom

David Lester

Accountancy, tax, payroll

Jane Boyd

Fine artist, design consultant


Justin Ellis

Mary Nicol

Intelligent legal solutions


George Clayson

Lorelei Henley

audit, accountancy, tax, legal & advisory services

actors • children • personnel • presenters • voices

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